2015 Team | Kosice, Slovakia


Jubal Ross Brown

Jubal Ross Brown

Jubal Ross Brown

Bellevue, ID

Age 28

Racing 15 Years

ISDE Bike:  2015 Honda CRF250R

Hero:  Malcom Smith, Steve Hatch

Riding Areas:  Gifford Pinchot Nation Forest, WA, Chickasha, OK, Upper Peninsula, MI

I started riding during the summer between 8th & 9th grade, and had only been riding for one week when I saw "On Any Sunday" for the first time.  I was fascinated by the segment on the ISDT in El Escorial, Spain.  The name has been changed to ISDE and I've always wanted to go.  

My biggest goal in life has been to represent the United States at the ISDE.


Dillon Sheppard

Jubal Ross Brown

Jubal Ross Brown

Forest Knolls, CA

Age 19

Racing 13 Years

I was born and raised in Northern California in the small town of Forest Knolls.  I first started riding when my dad bought me a bike for my 6th birthday.  

I started racing just before I turned 10, and soon became a member of the local club, Marin County Motorcycle Association.  It was there that I met my four biggest Heroes:  Ryan Powell, Nolan Irwin, Dean Joyner, & Joel Burkett, all of whom have been to ISDE at least once.  After seeing them ride I've dreamt of doing what they did, going to ISDE with team USA.

Over the years I practiced and practiced, slowly moving up from C to B, then A to the Pro Class.  It's been a surreal journey and funny to think that just a few years ago I looked at our ISDE riders and thought I'd never come close to making it.  Dreams do come true and I'm so blessed to represent the USA doing what I love to do.

I'm beyond excited for this opportunity and hope to make my family, my hometown, and my country proud.


Geoffrey Sanders

Jubal Ross Brown

Geoffrey Sanders

Greenbrier, TN

Age 27

Racing 23 years

I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 4 years old.  There's no particular riding area that is a favorite, I simply love trail riding anywhere with my father and my riding buddies.  It just feels good to get away from the real world, relax, and have fun.

My hero is my father, Michael Sanders.

My father has ridden in two ISDE events.  I have wanted to race ISDE for many many  years.  I never thought I would make it, but here I am.  I'm giving it my best shot because it may be my only shot.

I am extremely proud to be on this team.


Inaugural September 2015 ISDE Eric Cleveland Memorial Team

September 1, 2015, the Team arrives in Slovakia and starts to prepare the bikes,  Taking a closer look at the track and the local terrain ... and seeing the sites!  Two days later we're practicing & involved in numerous team meetings.  Pre-Race Fun with Enduro Start,  the Parade at the Parc Ferme Impound and Opening Ceremonies.  

Day 2:  28/96

Day 3:  25th Place - Moving on up!

Day 5:  Team 22/96

Day 6: Team Finished 22nd Overall

Dillon Sheppard brings home the GOLD!

Jubal and Geoffrey bring home SILVER Medals

So proud of this inaugural Eric Cleveland Memorial ISDE TEAM

Hard Enduro 2015 ISDE

Published, January 4, 2016

World Trophy Winners Team Australia