ISDE 2016 Team | Navarra, Spain


Broc Hepler

Jimmy Jarrett

Jimmy Jarrett

Slippery Rock,  PA

4 Loretta Lynn Amateur Titles

1st FIM Jr World Motocross Cup, Spain 2001

5th FIM Jr World Motocross Cup, Austria 2002

1st 125cc US Open Invitational, Las Vegas 2002


American Suzuki Motor Corp Factory Rider


Factory Yamaha

2004 AMA Rookie of the Year

2nd in Supercross & Motocross Series

1st Navy Moto X World Championship, 2008

1st Duells Int'l Supercross, Sweden 2008

Little Burr Champion, McArther, OH

2013, 2014, 2015

2015 ACES Enduro Champion

2016 ISDE Qualifier

1st Place in E3


Jimmy Jarrett

Jimmy Jarrett

Jimmy Jarrett

Meridian, ID 

5 time GNCC Class Champion

4 time OMA National Champion

3 Trophy Team Overall podiums

8 ISDE Gold Medals


Alex Dorsey

Jimmy Jarrett

Alex Dorsey

Campbell, CA

I've always followed ISDE growing up because its considered the "Olympics" of off-road, and only the toughest guys could make it through all six days.  I dreamed that one day I could compete and bring home a gold medal.  My dreams became reality, in 2013 when I raced my first ISDE in Italy where I earned gold, and again in 2014, earning my second gold in Argentina.  

I am excited to live my dream for the third time in Spain where I will go for my 3rd gold medal.

I began casually racing at age 11 with my dad and grew more passionate about being on a dirt bike. I raced every chance I could get and trained on and off the bike, working my way through the ranks to the Pro off-road class. 

The first two years of Pro Class were great learning years, now to race maturely, and ride confidently & smoothly.  Throughout my racing career I have balanced a full time position as a union drywall/lather, establishing a relationship and understanding with my boss for training and time off.


AMA District 36 OA Championship

ISDE, Italy Gold Medal


Runner Up AMA National West Harescramble Championship


ISDE San Juan, Argentina, Gold Medal


WORCS Pro 2 Championship

2016 ISDE Spain 

looking for Club Team OA and another gold medal


FIM International Six Days of Enduro 2016 

Navarra, Spain

October 11-16

"ISDE2016 Teaser"