2018 Team | Viña del Mar, Chile


Jared Schlapia

Jared Schlapia

Jared Schlapia

Sherman, IL

Age  21

ISDE Machine:  Husqvarna FE250


2018 Gas Gas XC300

I race Enduros, Trials, Sprint Enduro, G.P. & Hare Scramble

I train on by trials bike and ride whenever I can.

Started riding at age 5 by the influence of my father, and was hooked!

My most memorable race was D17 Belleville Hare Scramble with my first Overall

My hobbies include building and racing vintage bikes.


Hall's Cycles

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Ryan Smith

Jared Schlapia

Jared Schlapia

Pinon Hills, CA

Age 24 


I live in Pinon Hills, CA, it is a small town at the base of mountains in the high desert. I grew up riding in my yard and the surrounding area with my friends and going on camping trips to the desert. One year in middle school a few friends of mine and I all convinced our dads to take us to one of the local tracks for the summer series they were having. That began the racing craze. After a few years of racing motocross we decided to try some District 37 desert races and I was hooked. For a few years we mixed it up doing both motocross and desert throughout the year until in 2010 when we first decided to chase the National Hare and Hound series. Since then the National Hare and Hound Series has been my major focus on racing.

In 2011 and 2012 I won the District 37 250 class championship along with being the Overall Champion in 2012. I won the 250 A class championship in 2014 for the National Hare and Hound series and finished seventh overall amongst the pros. In 2016 I finished 3rd overall in the pro class and won the District 37 open class championship. I have also podiumed a few Western Hare Scramble races throughout the years as well. 

I work part time and race for Team SRT Husqvarna now and have been having an awesome year so far, I am currently fourth overall in the Hare and Hound series and getting better every race.This year I put a big effort into making the team for ISDE. I had a brand switch for this year going from Yamaha to Husqvarna and didn’t get bikes until 3 weeks before the first qualifying round. With little time on the bike and virtually no testing I just had to go for it and hope for the best. A little bike issue hampered my results at the first round but I turned it around for the  following rounds and ended up qualifying fourth. 

I’ve always followed ISDE and dreamt of racing it for a long time. I am my own mechanic and do basically everything myself so the whole idea of working on your bike and racing is very appealing to me. If there’s an issue I have a good idea of how to find the culprit and fix it. For my first ISDE I want to just stay smart and smooth and bring home a gold medal at the end of the race. I do really well in long races and usually build steam and find my flow as it goes on so I’m hoping I can bring that to the race and get better and stronger while the days go on. 

I’m excited to be going and can’t wait to start the race that’s on the biggest stage in the world.


Jarred Hall

Jared Schlapia

Jarred Hall

Springeld, IL

Age 21

I was able to step in at the last minute and race in Chile due to the unfortunate accident that Colton Wilkes endured just two weeks before leaving for Chile.

My family was already there from Hall's Cycles, so I rented a Husqvarna FE 250 and just went with it!

I have always been interested in the ISDE since my dad raced in 2005 in Slovakia.  

It has been a dream of mine to be able to race, and it fell into my lap!  

This ISDE was one of the dustiest conditions that I've ever raced in, but I had a blast!  I finished on a silver medal which I'm proud of for the little amount of time I had to prepare to race.  

I finished 27/84 in the C1 class.

2018 ISDE Opening Ceremonies US TEAM

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Cycle News ISDE 2018 Final Results

USA Finishes Strong at Chile ISDE

2018 FIM ISDE - Highlights Day 1

Opening day of competition at the 93rd ISDE in Chile has seen the US take an early lead in the FIM World Trophy classification.

Courtesy American Motorcyclist Association

Team Eric Cleveland - 18th Overall after Day 1

2018 FIM ISDE - Highlights Day 2

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Team Stats :: Race 2 in the books!

Jared Schlapia 6:29:52:09

Jarred Hall +35:18.87

2018 FIM ISDE - Highlights Day 3

Courtesy American Motorcyclist Association

Day 3 in the books:

Jared Schlapia 3:11:30.78

Jarred Hall + 16:13.70

2018 FIM ISDE - Highlights Day 4

Courtesy AMA

Jared Schlapia 2:44:05.75

Jarred Hall +22:54.55

Ryan Smith  52:42.35

2018 FIM ISDE - Highlights Day 5

Published November 17, 2018

Courtesy tvfim

Jared Schlapia 15:37.01.95

Jarred Hall 5:23:24.03

Ryan Smith 5:04:22.83

2018 FIM ISDE - Highlights Day 6

Published November 18, 2018

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ISDE 2018 - Team USA Recap

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