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2019 Eric Cleveland Memorial Team

FIM ISDE 2019 Club Team

Official Results

  • Kevin DeJongh
  • Nic Garvin
  • Austin Serp

Austin Serpa

Riding for the Eric Cleveland Memorial Team helped me because the team covered my entire entry fee and they gave us some awesome products (wristbands and shirts) to sell! 

I know that helped my dad and I out a lot because the expenses to make it to ISDE are not cheap!

ISDE 2019 Team | Portimao, Portugal | November 2019


Austin Serpa

Kevin DeJongh

Austin Serpa

Age 20

Minden, NV




It's been a dream of Austin's for several years to compete in ISDE and he's proud to represent the United States on the Eric Cleveland Memorial Team for 2019.

He first began riding dirt bikes at the young age of 2!  And has been racing for the past 16 years.  His mentors are his trainer Miles Brazil and his dad.  "There is not a day that goes by without learning something from them."

Austin is committed to and competing in WORCS Racing this year, challenging himself for the Pro 2 Championship.  He is also sitting 2nd in Open A points for the Sprint Hero Series.  Some of his favorite tracks and series include Pala Fox Racing & Glen Helen Raceway.  The tracks at Primm, Havasu, Glen Helen, and Gray Harbor are current favorites.

Austin looks up to and calls them his heroes ... 

Kurt Caselli, Ryan Dungey, and Ricky Carmichael,  "They were/are all dominant in their racing with the grace of true champions."

ISDE 2019

Hoping to learn more about enduro racing against some of the best off road riders in the world.  Ready to represent the United States of America & the Eric Cleveland legacy.

Images courtesy RPM Racing Team


Nic Garvin

Kevin DeJongh

Austin Serpa


Fullerton, CA



CRF 450RX & CRF450 X

Nic began racing at 4 years young and now at 25 his goal is to achieve ISDE Gold & become a Baja Champion.  

Inspired by Kurt Caselli - who lead the USA to the highest off-road racing.  "ISDE should be every riders's goal to qualify & represent our country!"  Nic's hero & mentor is Colton Udall - "He believes in me & I hope to be a champion like he has been."

Glen Helen 24 Hour Endurance Race is one of Nic's favorite races because, "There is nothing that compares to racing for 24 straight hours."  The Baja 1000 is another one of the most mentally demanding races in the world and doing it at the highest level." 

Current Series

District 37 Sprint Enduro

AMA Big 6

Spring Hero Racing

ISDE 2019

Racing to honor Champion Adventures for giving Nic the chance to race the biggest event he's ever raced & Eric Cleveland Memorial Team for donating & creating our team.


Kevin DeJongh

Kevin DeJongh

Kevin DeJongh

Age 27

Huntington Beach, CA



2017 KTM 350XCF & 2019 KTM 350XCF

Kevin began riding since the age of 3 and racing for the past 15 years.  His favorite race by far is the Tecate Enduro in Mexico where the trails are some "of the best ever ridden."  

Kevin currently races in District 37 Sprint Enduro Series.  

Kurt Caselli, a huge hero for Kevin, was not "only a great rider, but a great person always making time for me and others."

Racing with ISDE, the world's most prestigious enduro, has been a lifelong dream to complete in. 

His racing career goal has been achieved in qualifying and getting ready to race ISDE in Portugal.  

Kevin DeJongh Website

ISDE 2019

"I can't wait to represent my country and face the challenge head on with the best riders in the world!"  

2019 FIM ISDE Highlights Day 6

2019 FIM ISDE Highlights Day 5

2019 FIM ISDE Highlights Day 4

Courtesy FIM ISDE - Day 4

"Bodies & bikes both battling fatigue ..."

2019 FIM ISDE Highlight Day 3

Courtesy FIM ISDE - Day 3

"The USA World & Trophy Teams take the lead - stunning performance!" 

2019 FIM ISDE Highlights Day 2

November 13, 2019

Courtesy FIM ISDE - Day 2

"The Americans are fighting strong" 

2019 FIM ISDE Highlights Day 1

November 12, 2019

@FIM ISDE - Day 1

Australia takes control in Portugal


US Teams off to a strong start on Day 1

The Eric Cleveland Memorial Team sits in 16th

FIM ISDE | Portugal

Courtesy tvfim

94th ISDE Portimao, Portugal

November 11-16, 2019

ISDE Portugal 2019 Daily News




Art Pepin

Mark Kariya

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