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Eric's dream and intended legacy demonstrates his love for all things motocross, in particular, Enduro Riding, and ultimately, the pinnacle of motocross, the International Six Day Enduro (ISDE).

Eric qualified for the first time for the Finland ISDE 1996, and was ultimately unable to attend due to lack of finances.  Heart-broken, never wanting this to happen to any other qualifier, his goal was to set up a Non-Profit to help others achieve their dream of racing the ISDE.  

Eric went on to qualify & compete in several other ISDE races, including Italy, Australia, and his final Enduro in Chile.  

Riding his dirt bike was the sport of his life. 

Eric was diagnosed with Stage 4 Adenocarcinoma at age 41, the battle of his life, he died in less than a year, 2013.  But in his strength, determination, and love for the sport he rode Mt. Rainier just two weeks prior to his untimely death. 

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This Eric Cleveland Memorial ISDE Team 501 (c)(3) non-profit has been created in his honor to help fulfill the dreams of other ISDE qualifiers.

Eric Cleveland ISDE Memorial Team is solely funded by donations.  

Eric's Legacy

Sponsor the Sport

#7 of 7 Cleveland Kids

#7 of 7 Cleveland Kids


- Eric the Giver -

For years Eric sponsored & paid for all the lady's entry fees throughout the race seasons at Sandy Clam at Oregon Dirt Park

Always a kid at heart, he mentored numerous riders, especially kids ... 

relating to these young riders and their dreams of racing by investing his time and talent with each and every one.

#7 of 7 Cleveland Kids

#7 of 7 Cleveland Kids

#7 of 7 Cleveland Kids


- Eric the Kid - 

The youngest of seven siblings, and the only one allowed on anything other than a bicycle.  No one rode anything with a motor, let alone allowed to race.  But Eric was the charming baby ... 

Age 7 was his first Flat Track race was on a 3-wheeler, he crashed and broke his arm ... Didn't stop this dare-devil of a kid!  He mowed lawns to pay his father back for his first 100cc racing nearly every weekend that he could.  Loving the sport Eric graduated from Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, AZ with perfect attendance and straight A's.  

That was Eric, striving to be the best in what he loved.

He joined Jay Payne Racing as a Mechanic in the NHRA circuit for several years.

Eric raced all over the United States and worldwide with ISDE 

1996 Finland Qualifier

1997 Raced ISDE Italy

1998 Raced ISDE Australia

2007 Raced ISDE Chile

Memorial Fund

#7 of 7 Cleveland Kids

Memorial Fund


- Eric's Dream - 

Non-Profit Corporation 501 (c)(3)

Established in Eric's Memory

November 25, 2013


Club Team ISDE Qualifiers

Non-Pro Riders

Legacy pays for ISDE Entry Fees $1064

Donates T-Shirts for Fundraising Efforts

Re-Qualifier Alumni

$364 Check

Keeping the dream alive

The "Vocal" Rider

Eric Cleveland;

Kent, WA

AMA - American Motorcyclist Association


Board of Directors

Troy Swettenam

Troy Swettenam

Troy Swettenam


My story of riding in the ISDE is pretty similar to all the club riders who have ever qualified ...

  I began riding at a young age,

I heard about this international race that only a select few get to enter, and I worked my butt off to make it happen.  Everyone who has been selected to ride this prestigious event knows exactly what it takes to qualify, 

so there is nothing in my race history or bio that will be of any interest to anyone here.


There are two quotes, however, that helped define my 5 year journey from “Beer drinking, poker run rider,” to “ISDE Medalist.”

“Everyone out here today has the skill and speed to qualify.  The ones who will qualify, however, are the ones who put in more work when no one was watching.”  

- Rich Caselli,  2007 Idaho City Qualifier speaking to myself & Rob Riley.

“Yeah, you can qualify.  You just have to put in the work ... and ride a lot!” 

-  Eric Cleveland, 2005

shortly after I began training with him to increase my speed.

2007 ISDE Chile – Silver Medal
2009 ISDE Portugal – Silver Medal 

Cascade Family Motorcycle Club


Jim Conner

Troy Swettenam

Troy Swettenam


There was never a dull moment riding and racing with Eric, he definitely kept things interesting. 

There have only been a few times in my life where I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe while riding and most of those times were with Eric. We traveled to qualifiers and raced the ISDE twice together. 

During those times we would exploit each other’s strengths, push each other’s limits and make each other better overall riders.

Riding the ISDE has been an experience of a lifetime in many ways. The whole process of setting a goal, training, learning from others, riding as much as possible, meeting new people
m & experiencing the results from your efforts is very rewarding.

If you race it once, you’re hooked! Traveling and racing in different countries is a real adventure, learning a lot about myself

at the ISDE in terms of dealing with adversity, as well as being pushed to the limits physically and mentally.

1995 ISDE Poland  – DNF
1996 ISDE Finland  – Silver Medal
1998 ISDE Australia  – Silver Medal
1999 ISDE Portugal  – Silver Medal
2007 ISDE Chile  – Silver Medal
2008 ISDE Greece  – Silver Medal

Rory Sullivan

Troy Swettenam

Rory Sullivan


I’m a 4 time ISDE medalist from 2006-2009. 

During the years I started racing ISDE I met Eric Cleveland and when someone shares the same passion and goals that you do on a bike it's impossible not to become friends and riding buddies.

I started racing Six Days as a change from the pure Motocross diet I was living on and was hooked. 

After my first ISDE in New Zealand I was sure I would never do another six days mainly because I was beat and tired from tough muddy conditions, but by the time the plane landed back in the United States I was hooked.

 Every year when the qualifiers start up I begin dreaming about doing another ISDE ... and, well ...  you never know because it's now in your blood.